Study Abroad Programme for Future Scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Posted on Jul, 22 2015


The ministry of education Taiwan announces the Study Abroad Programme for Future Scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences 2015 (教育部補助人文社會科學優秀人才跨國培育計畫).

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Vienna Taiwan Lecture Series

Posted on Jul, 11 2015

Vienna Taiwan Studies Center

The Vienna Center for Taiwan Studies will hold a Taiwan Lecture Series during the next winter term, starting fall 2015. For more detailed information please contact Dr. Astrid Lipinsky.

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Prof. Dr. Hsu Tzong-li held Taiwan Colloquium

Posted on Jul, 10 2015

On Friday, July 10th, Prof. Dr. Hsu Tzong-li (College of Law, NTU) held a Taiwan Colloquium during which he talked to ERCCT Fellows about the organisation and function of Taiwan's Constitutional Court and the role it played during the period of transitional democracy in the 1990s.

Public Talk by Prof. Dr. Hsu Tzong-Li

Posted on Jul, 08 2015

20150707 Hsu Tzong-Li

Prof. Dr. Hsu Tzong-Li from the College of Law at National Taiwan University, currently staying in Tübingen as ERCCT Visiting Scholar, gave a public lecture on Tuesday, July 7.

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2016 EATS Call for Papers

Posted on Jul, 03 2015


2016 EATS Call for Papers Announcement.

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Public Talk by Prof. Hsu Tzong-li

Posted on Jul, 02 2015

Visiting Scholar Prof. Dr. Hsu Tzong-Li will hold a public lecture entitled "The Legal Relationship between the Two Sides of the Taiwan Strait - From the Perspective of Taiwan's Constitution" on Tuesday, July 7th at Keplerstrasse 2, room no. 038.

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Third ERCCT Young Scholars Workshop: June 21-28

Posted on Jul, 01 2015

20150622-24 YSW

From June 21-28, the ERCCT Young Scholars Workshop was held for the third time. From amongst a large number of applications, ten young scholars from Taiwan and Europe were invited to present and discuss their research.

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10th Taiwan Documentary Film Festival Held at ERCCT

Posted on Jun, 30 2015

20150626-27 TDFF

The ERCCT celebrated its 10th Taiwan Documentary Film Festival on June 26/27 with a number of intriguing documentaries by Shen Ko-Shang, who attended the festival as invited guest director this year, by Yang Li-Chou (Bridge Over Troubled Waters) and by Chen Yu-Ching (Civil Disobedience).

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