CCKF-ERCCT Short Term Resident Fellow Programme 2016/2017

Posted on Mar, 08 2016

Starting from October 2016, the ERCCT runs a new Short Term Resident Fellow Programme: Two Ph.D. students or postdoc researchers from Europe and Taiwan are invited each year to join the centre in Tübingen for a period between six months and one year.

Invited fellows will be granted a monthly allowance of EUR 350, basic health insurance, and a one time travel grant of EUR 500. They will be provided with office space and enjoy the opportunity to discuss projects and exchange ideas with ERCCT Fellows and Visiting Scholars working at the ERCCT. Short term resident fellows are encouraged to present their ongoing research in a Taiwan Colloquium. Moreover, they are invited to take part in the center’s mani-fold academic activities.  Working languages at the ERCCT are English and Mandarin, German language skills are hence not required.

Interested applicants should submit an academic CV, an exposé of their Ph.D. or postdoc research project of no longer than 10 pages, and a letter of recommendation by a professor of the institution where they are enrolled/affiliated. Please also state the intended duration of your stay. All application materials should be sent in electronic form to Stefan Braig.

The application deadline for the winter semester 2016/2017 (17 October 2016 to 11 February 2017) is 15 July 2016, the deadline for the summer semester 2017 (18 April to 29 July) is 15 February 2017.