Taiwanese Feature Film: Wawa No Cidal 太陽的孩子 (Children of the Sun)

Posted on Mar, 15 2016

The ERCCT is delighted to announce the screening of the award-winning Taiwanese film Wawa no Cidal (太陽的孩子, Children of the Sun) on April 20. The film will be shown in the cinema Arsenal at 8 pm in the presence of the directors, Cheng Yu-chieh 鄭有傑 and Lekal Sumi 勒嘎·舒米.

Wawa no Cidal is all about home of Taiwan’s natives. After many years in the city, protagonist Panay returns to her old childhood area, with vibrant memories of the fields and the blue Pacific Ocean. But everything has changed since she left, the rural idyll is in danger to be inescapably ousted by relentless modernization. How can today’s children even grow up without nature around them, Panay starts to question herself. Not at all, she decides, and Panay creates a plan to bring back fields and nature to her home. Despite facing many challenges, she is not willing to give up…

We warmly welcome you to join us on a special night! Please feel free to invite everyone who might be interested in our event, and share our Facebook event or use below links!!! The admission fee will just be at 3 EUR.

Trailer on Youtube.

Introduction on Wiki.

Wawa No Cidal 太陽的孩子 (Children of the Sun)