11th Edition of the Taiwan Documentary Film Festival to open on July 1st

Posted on Jun, 08 2016

TDFF Programme Title


The ERCCT is delighted to announce the finalised programme of the 2016 Taiwan Documentary Film Festival, taking place on July 1-2 in Tübingen.

This year's edition features seven documentary films that shed light on important personalities of Taiwan's recent political history. The selection of documentaries covers, among others, the lives and achievements of the revolutionary Su Beng, the rights activist Cheng Nan-Jung and former President Lee Teng-hui. Further films document the social struggles of Taiwan's vibrant civil society, such as in the field of environmental protection.

Guest Filmmakers Chen Lih-Kuei 陳麗貴 and Lee Yung-Chuan 李泳泉 will be present on both days of the festival and look forward to participate in Q&A sessions related to their films.

The feature film Parking 停車 by Chung Mong-hong 鍾孟宏 will close the first day of the festival..

For further information on all the films and the invited filmmakers, please refer to the PDF version of the festival programme.