Taiwan Study Center Ljubljana Announces Academic Seminar on Stability and Democracy in East Asia

Posted on Feb, 09 2017

The Taiwan Study Center at the University of Ljubljana announces an academic seminar on "Stability and Democracy in East Asia", which will be held on February 28th:

As the world is pivoting to Asia in recent years, the security climate in the region has worsened. While most Asian states anticipate a certain role for China in regional order-building, they also strongly desire a continuing presence of the United States. Will the institution-building and power-balancing be sufficient for a stable and secure region or will the unresolved territorial disputes, mistrust and arms races set nations on a collision course? As the anxieties about the quality and future of democracy have intensified worldwide, encouraging liberal trends in East Asia will be a much greater challenge. This seminar, taking place on the 70th anniversary of February 28th Incident in Taiwan, will offer a unique opportunity for open discussion with high-level experts about some of the most sensitive issues besetting the region.

Please see the official announcement for the details.