Extending the deadline for Taiwan Studies Dissertation Award

Posted on Jun, 27 2017

The Taiwan Studies Dissertation Award (TSDA) is set up and managed by the School of Languages and Area Studies of the University of Portsmouth. Funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan), the TSDA is open to undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations which are focused on, related to, or comparing Taiwan with other case studies.  TSDA will issue two undergraduate awards and two postgraduate awards to dissertations in the disciplines of Social Sciences as well as Arts and Humanities. Awardees will be presented with an official certificate and a modest monetary prize.

All submissions will be blind reviewed independently by respected scholars in the field of Taiwan Studies. The primary criterion for assessment is the intellectual rigour of the dissertation. The deadline for submitting undergraduate dissertations has been extended to 31st July 2017the deadline for submitting postgraduate (MA/MPhil) dissertations is 15th December 2017. To encourage wider participation, postgraduate dissertations submitted for the academic year of 2015-16 are also eligible for this year's competition

There are two channels for submission:

(1) If you are a supervisor and would like to nominate a dissertation, please send a copy of the dissertation with your recommendation to 
taiwanstudies@port.ac.uk; and

(2) if you are a student and have written a BA, MA or MPhil dissertation on Taiwan-related topics, please email your dissertation and a personal CV (including the names of your supervisors) to 

Please direct any relevant enquiries to the organiser, Dr Isabelle Cheng, at taiwanstudies@port.ac.uk.

The TSDA Review Committee
School of Languages and Area Studies
University of Portsmouth