2016 Young Scholar Workshop: Papers

Posted on Jun, 28 2017

These are the papers of the 2016 Young Scholar workshop in alphabetical order:

Hsia Chuan-wei
The Genealogy of Neoliberalism in Taiwan: A Neo-Polanyian Approach

Ling-Ying Lee
Behind the Book Publishing Miracle of Taiwan: An Analysis of Book-distribution Systems and Commerce Circuits of Publishing in Taiwan

Lin Ya-Ling
The Economic Transition of Weizhou before and after the Financial Crisis in 2011: An Institutional View

Tang Yen-chen
Guns and Votes: The Logic behind China's Military Exercises in Taiwan's Presidential Elections

Tsai Huiju
Service Sector in Taiwan: An Overview

Tsai, Michelle H.-J.
to be added

van Bekhoven, Jeroen
The Incomplete Makeover: Securing indigenous peoples' Rights to Land and Self-Government in Taiwan

Wahn I-Liang
Trusting, qualification, and sustainable consumption in Alternative Food Networks in Taiwan (and China)

Wang Qin
China: New Patron of Taiwan’s Local Factions? The Transition of Taiwan’s Patron-Client System

Wenger, Josh
Cross-Strait Political Negotiation: Background and Exploration of the Prenegotiation Approach

Wu Shianghau
The Analysis of Taiwanese People’s Satisfaction with the Government Based on Bayesian Quantile Regression and Rough Set Classification