2009.06.24. Taiwanese Short Films Astonished the Audience

Posted on Jun, 15 2009

Under the heading Cross-Cultural Dialogue:  Tour of Taiwanese Shorts... Dr. Ming-Yeh Rawnsley presented a programme of new Taiwanese short films on Wednesday, June 24th, 5-7 p.m, at the ERCCT and also commented on the films from the point of view of communication studies.

The programme contained the following short films, that were all thogether shown for the first time in continental Europe:

• Passing Eyes (Dir: Heng-ju Chang, 2008. Length: 16'40")
• The Secret in the Wind (Dir: Yan-ni Wang, 2006. Length: 26'35")
• Drunken Concubine (Dir: Tai-en Chen, 2007. Length: 13')
• Melancholy Forest (Dir: Ming-hsia Wang, 2007. Length: 13')
• Bardo (Dir: Tay-jou Lin, 2005. Length: 10')

For additional information on each movie, see the programme sheet

All who attended the event were struck by the spirit of creativity that is exemplified in the work of those young Taiwanese directors.

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