Emerson Niou gave public talk at ERCCT

Posted on Jun, 29 2018

On Thursday, June 28, 2018, Prof. Emerson Niou 牛銘實 from Duke University gave a pubic talk on "The China Factor in Taiwanese Politics" at the ERCCT, speaking to an audience composed of ERCCT research fellows, students of the M.A. programme on East Asian Politics and Society and from the Institute of Political Science. Talking very frankly from the beginning, Prof. Niou drew on his own pool of empirical research data on perceptions of China, stability and the future of cross-strait relations among the Taiwanese citizenship. 

Junior Professor Dr Tseng Yu-chin 曾育勤, the ERCCT's new Co-Director chaired the talk and thanked Prof. Niou for his contribution. 


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Emerson Niou