2010.02.11. Wang Hung-Jen to present in Taiwan Colloquium

Posted on Feb, 09 2010

This Thursday, February 11th, ERCCT Permanent Fellow Wang Hung-Jen 王宏仁 is going to present his research project in a Taiwan Colloquium, which is entitled:

"In Search of A Cultural Theory of Chinese Foreign Policy in International Politics"

Wang Hung-Jen is currently working on a project that raises questions regarding the relationship between China's identity and its foreign policy: does it have the same identity problem as seen in other Western countries? If not, what factors explain the differences between China and other countries, including the US? To address these questions Wang Hung-Jen will problematize identity to explain Chinese foreign policy. Unlike certain sociological constructivists, he will not try to determine how a coherent state identity guides specific foreign policy results, but instead argue that Chinese foreign policy is more about self-image than self-identity, and analyze it from that perspective. Wang Hung-Jen's project is not focused on building a theory of how ideas held by individuals matter in foreign policy in terms of providing rational actors with focal points or road maps leading to specific policy results. On the contrary, his project will attempt to develop an interpretive method supplemented by a postcolonial perspective and a psychoanalysis, both of which help to understand how self-image has been problematic for China.


The ERCCT team is looking very much forward to discuss this interesting project.