2011.01.20. Public lecture by Prof. Tang Ching-Ping

Posted on Jan, 10 2011

Prof. Tang Ching-Ping from the Department of Political Science of the National Cheng Chi University, Taipei, will hold a public lecture on thursday, January 20th 2011, 6 to 8 pm. His talk is entitled "Sustainable Development in Taiwan's Aboriginal Communities". Everybody who is interested is welcome from 6 to 8 pm in the Department of Chinese and Korean Studies, Wilhelmstr.133, Room 30.

Sustainable Development in Taiwan's Aboriginal Communities:

As it is the case in other countries, aboriginal tribes who live near natural resources are prevented from appropriating or managing these resources, and become socially disadvantaged groups. Some creative solutions in form of collective actions, however, have been proposed by specific tribal communities to protect the resources and in the meantime improve local living conditions.   How can these communities overcome the problems of free-riding? The legend of Danayiku in Taiwan gives us some ideas about the stewardship of aboriginal communities on natural resources.