Prof. Tang Chih-Chieh Held Public Lecture on the Development of Sports

Posted on Jun, 06 2011

Under the title of "Literatization vs. Civilization: A Preliminary Comparison of the Development of Sport in China and the West with a Focus on Violence", Prof. Tang Chih-Chieh from the Institute of Sociology at the Academia Sinica, Taipei, held a public lecture to ERCCT Fellows, as well as students and faculty of the Department of Chinese and Korean Studies. In his lecture Prof. Tang analyzed the development of sport in China and the West with a comparative macro-sociological view on the history of sport. He employed the example of Polo, Soccer/Kick Ball, and Golf to tackle the question of how chinese and western cultures managed violence and disciplined the body during their transformation from a aristocratically stratified to a functionally differentiated post-aristocratic society.

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20110606 Prof. Dr. Tang Chih-Chieh