Dr. Günter Schucher 舒根德

Posted on Jun, 23 2011

Günter Schucher

Name: Dr. Günter Schucher 舒根德

Institutional Affiliation: GIGA Institute of Asian Studies

Contact:  E-Mail

Current Rank:

Senior Research Fellow, GIGA Institute of Asian Studies, Hamburg, Germany

Academic Degree:

Ph.D. in Sinology, Institute of Sinology, University of Hamburg, Germany


Treasurer, German Association of Asian Studies
Editor, ASIEN (refereed journal)

Current Research Fields:

Labour market, social development and social movements in Mainland Chin
Cross-strait relations, EU-China-Taiwan relations

Current Research Projects:

General and vocational education in Mainland China and Taiwan

Recent Publications (selected):

“’Unausgeglichen, unkoordiniert, nicht nachhaltig’ – Chinas Entwicklung vor Taiwan“, in: Ostasiatischer Verein e.V., Wirtschaftshandbuch Asien-Pazifik 2010/11, OAV, pp.485-498(with Mark Kruger), “Do Rising Labour Costs Spell the End of China as a ‚World’s Factory’?”, ASIEN, Nr. 114-115 (April 2010), DGA, pp.122-136
Where Minds meet. The ‘Professionalization’ of Cross-Strait Academic Exchange”, GIGA Working Paper, No. 106 (Aug 2009), 45 pp.; short version publ. in: Ying-Jeou MA (ed.), Chinese (TAIWAN) Yearbook of International Law and Affairs, The Chinese (Taiwan) Society of International Law – The Chinese (Taiwan) Branch of the International Law Association, Vol 26 (2008), publ. 2010, London: Cameron May, pp.71-94
"Liberalisierung in Zeiten der Instabilität: Spielräume unkonventioneller Partizipation im autoritären Regime der VR China“, in ASIEN, 111 (April 2009), pp.50-75
Balancing Openness and Control: Immigration Policies in Taiwan and Europe”, in: The Asia-Pacific Review (Nanhua University, Taiwan), 7 (2009), pp.1-32
"Friedlicher Aufstieg?
Die soziale und ökonomische Entwicklung Chinas“, in Corinna Hauswedell (Hg.): Chinas neue Rolle in der Welt. Machtrivalität oder Chancen für mehr Multilateralismus?, Loccumer Protokoll Nr. 75/07, 2009, pp.25-42
Mediation preferred. China’s new Labour Conflict Law“, in China aktuell (Hamburg), 37, 4 (2008), pp.63-109
(with Heike Holbig, Margot Schüller): „’One World, Different Dreams’: Chinas Aufstieg und die Olympischen Spiele in Beijing”, in GIGA Focus Asien (Hamburg), 8 (2008), 8 pp.
(with Jutta Hebel): „Scope and Limits of China’s Labour Market Reforms”, in Gunter Schubert, Thomas Heberer: Institutional Change and Political Continuity in Contemporary China, London, New York: Routledge, 2008
(with Jutta Hebel): “Labour Market Flexibility and Social Security in the People’s Republic of China”, in China aktuell (Hamburg), 1 (2008), pp. 5-30
 (with Gunter Schubert, Jürgen Rüland, Cornelia Storz) (eds.): Asian-European Relation. Building Blocks for Global Governance?, London, New York: Routledge, 200„China’s Pursuit of Harmony. Hope and Reality“ (in German), in China aktuell (Hamburg), 5 (2007), pp.40-69