Ann Heylen to hold Public Lecture

Posted on Jan, 18 2012

Prof. Ann Heylen from the National Taiwan Normal University's Graduate Institute of Taiwan Culture, Language and Literature, will visit the ERCCT from January 31st to February 3rd, 2012.

On Tuesday, January 31st, (6 p.m.) Prof. Heylen will hold a public lecture that is entitled "Exploring Heritage Trajectories in Taiwan: The 17th Century"and refers to the resurgence of interest on Taiwan in 17th Century Dutch Formosa. Both the Chen (2000-2008) and Ma (2008-) administrations have sponsored cultural and public policy promoting exhibitions, commemorations and historical research aimed to place this historical experience in a contemporary perspective. My presentation is a discussion of public interest in the historical revisitation of this period. It is based on the understanding that heritage studies is not a recent or late 20th century given, but denote a much longer trajectory and has a long history that needs to be examined.

The analysis will explore the variety of perceptions and world views in the past and the practices through which was engaged with 17th century Dutch material remnants. Sources trace from Dutch and Spanish archival repositories, Qing-time Chinese gazetteers, British consular documents, 20th century Japanese reports, and Taiwan academic periodicals (colonial and postwar/colonial) that reflect on the legacy of the Dutch presence and its cultural heritage. It engages with academic debates in an attempt to connect to heritage studies that extend beyond the confines of present-centerd cultural, leisure or tourism studies.

Venue is the Department of Chinese and Korean Studies, room 30, at Wilhelmstr. 133, 72074 Tübingen