【2012】Young Scholars Workshop - Participants and Topics

Posted on May, 23 2012

We are delighted to announce the participants for this year's Young Scholars Workshop.

Articles on the different topics will be published in our ERCCT Online Paper Series after the workshop - follow the link "publications" on our website.

The list of participants (in aplhabetical order) is as follows:

Beckershoff, Andre (ERCCT):

The Transnationalization of the Taiwan Strait – Social Forces in  the Re-Making of Cross-Strait Relations

Chang, Tarco-Yu (Nat. Cheng-Chi Univ.):

The Challenges and Strategies of Taiwanese Businessmen in Taiwan

Chiang, Ling-Ching (Univ. of Leicester):

The Representations of the City in Taiwan Cinema from the 1980s to the Present

Fang, I-Chieh (London School of Economics):

Growing Up and Becoming Independent: an Ethnographic Study of New Generation Migrant Workers in China

Grano, Simona Alba (Zürich Univ.):

Environmental Governance in Taiwan: Multiple Levels of Interaction

Griffith, Edward (Univ. of Leeds):

Deconstructing China’s Response to the Yasukuni Shrine Issue: Towards an IR-grounded Theory of Sino-Japanese Relations

Ho, Thi Thanh Nga (Nat. Cheng-Kung Univ.):

Space, Landscape and Cultural Identity of Vietnamese Immigrants in Taiwan – Case Study in Tainan

Hsu, Flora (Nat. Cheng-Chi Univ.):

Analyzing Choices of University Autonomy in Asia - A Case Study of Faculties’ Pay in Taiwan

Lin, Chun-Wei Daniel (Loughborough Univ.):

A Democratic Experiment with Public Service Broadcasting: Lessons from the Taiwanese Experience

Lin, Rui-Hwa (Nat. Cheng-Chi Univ.):

Class Base of Inter-Group Contacts: The Social Assimilation of Taiwanese Sojourners in China

Mertl, JiÅ™í (Univ. of West Bohemia):

Is the Chinese Regime on the Road to Transformation? View from the Perspective of Utilitarian Model of Governance and Governmentality

Shih, Yi-Jen (Nat. Cheng-Chi Univ.):

Global Warming and the Politics of Climate Change in Taiwan

Sun, Shao-Cheng (Tamkang Univ.):

President Ma Ying-Jeou’s Strategies to Promote ECFA in Taiwan