China Impact Seminar Successfully Held at Hohentübingen Castle

Posted on Jun, 24 2012

From June 21 to 24th, the ERCCT has hosted a China Impact Seminar in Tübingen. Co-organized by the ERCCT and the Institute of Sociology of Academia Sinica, this workshop gathered a number of Taiwan's most outstanding social science scholars in addition to a couple of very renowned western Taiwan experts in order to assess the impact of a rising China on Taiwan's society, politics and security, especailly under the conditions of recently improved cross-strait relations. The central objective of this seminar was to explore a systematic approach to China Impact Studies as a new, very relevant sub-field in Taiwan Studies. 

Presenters and topics of presentations are:

Lin Jih-wen (Inst. of Political Science, Academia Sinica) - The PRC as a Player in Taiwan's Domestic Competition

Wu Chung-li (Inst. of Political Science, Academia Sinica) - Taming the Tongue: Politics and Judicial Verdicts in Defamation Litigation in Taiwan

Dafydd Fell (Dept. of Politics and International Studies, SOAS) - Marketing China/Mainland Policy: Cross-Strait Economic Integration through the Lens of Election Advertising

Shelley Rigger (Political Science Department, Davidson College) - The China Impact in Taiwan's Generational Politics

Gunter Schubert (ERCCT) The Taishang as a cross-strait linkage community: reflections on their political agency in China and Taiwan

Chen Chih-Jou (Inst. of Sociology, Academia Sinica) - The Social Bases of China-Related Policies in Taiwan: Class, Gender and Partisan Identity

Deng Jianbang (Graduate Institute of Future Studies, Tamkang University) - Immigration Policy in Taiwan Facing Challenges: Citizenship Arrangement for Families of Taiwanese Expatriates with Chinese Spouses

Fan Yun (Dept. of Sociology, NTU) - Is 'Taiwanese Consensus' possible? A Civil Society Perspective

Tseng Yen-fen (Dept. of Sociology, NTU) - Merry-Go-Round? Taiwanese Skilled Migration to China

Lin Ping (Dept. of Political Science, National Chung Cheng University) - Imagined Mobility and the Image of China: Taiwanese College Students in China

Wu Nai-teh (Inst. of Sociology, Academia Sinica) - Nationalism in Taiwan: Political Impacts and Theoretical Implications

Lin Thung-hong (Inst. of Sociology, Academia Sinica) - Cross-strait Trade and Class Cleavages in Taiwan

Lin Cheng-Yi (Inst. of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica) - The Rise of China and its Implications for U.S.-Taiwan Relations

Tung Han-pu (Grad. Inst. of East Asian Studies, NCCU) - Signaling Peace: A Theory of ECFA and Peace Dividend Beyond the Taiwan Strait

Jean-Pierre Cabestan (Dept. of Government and Int. Studies, HK Baptist University) - Cross-strait Integration and Taiwan's New Security Challenges

20120622-24 China Impact Seminar

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20120622-24 China Impact Seminar

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