2012.07.13.-14. Taiwan Documentary Filmfestival

Posted on Jun, 26 2012

On Friday and Saturday, July 13th/14th 2012, the ERCCT will hold the 7th Taiwan Documentary Film Festival, featuring among others a number of works by director Chen Lih-Kuei 陳麗貴 who is this year's invited guest director. 

Chen Lih-Kuei studied foreign languages at NTU, before going to the University of Texas in Austin, in order to do a Master's in media studies. An important thread in her work is the theme Taiwanese people's identity. And as Chen Lih-kuei is generally quite strongly engaged in Taiwan's social movements, we are looking very much forward to see and discuss her films with her.

The festival programme that also has a feature film, is as follows:

2012.07.13 Fri.

14:00-14:20 Welcoming remarks
14:20-15:20 Shimmering Moonlight 暗暝e月光─台灣舞蹈先驅蔡瑞月
15:20-15:30 Break
15:30-16:30 Lost Youth 青春祭-綠洲山莊的故事
16:30-17:00 Discussion
17:00-17:30 Taiwanese Food
17:30-19:10 Bonus Movie: No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti 不能沒有你

2012.07.14 Sat.

10:00-10:30 A Burning Mission--Rescue the Political Prisoners of Taiwan 火線任務--台灣政治犯救援錄
10:30-10:40 Break
10:40-12:00 Dear Taiwan 好國好民
12:00-12:30 Discussion
12:30-14:00 Break
14:00-15:30 How Are You Gongliao? 貢寮,你好嗎?
15:30-16:00 Discussion

Venue is the building of Contemporary Language studies at Wilhlemstr. 50.

Below, please click the pictures to see/download the orignial PDF files.


2012 TDFF Poster


2012 TDFF Flyer 1

2012 TDFF Flyer 2