【2012】ERCCT held Young Scholars Workshop in Blaubeuren and Tübingen

Posted on Jul, 04 2012

From June 26th to July 1st, 2012, the ERCCT organized and hosted its first Young Scholars Workshop. Upon application, thirteen Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers in the fields of both Taiwan studies and China studies, from Europe as well as Taiwan, were invited and fully funded to take part. The event was held at the Heinrich-Fabri-Institute in Blaubeuren, an adjunct guest house and conference venue of Tübingen Universtiy some 70 km away from the city in the lovely hills of the "Suebian Alb". The workshop aimed at providing the participants with the opportunity to present their research projects to an international audience and to engage in scholarly exchange on topics related to theory and methodology. The presentation of projects was grouped into five panels. Presenters and their topics were:

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YSW group

Panel 1: Cross Strait Issues

Lin Rui-hwa 林瑞華 (NCCU): Class Base of Inter-Group Contacts: The Social Assimilation of Taiwanese Sojourners in China

André Beckershoff (ERCCT): The Transnationalization of the Taiwan Strait – Social Forces in the Re-Making of Cross-Strait Relations

Sun Shao-cheng 孫紹正 (Tamkang University): President Ma Ying-Jeou's Strategies to Promote ECFA in Taiwan

Panel 2: Migration

Fang I-Chieh 方怡潔 (LSE): Growing Up and Becoming Independent: an Ethnographic Study of New Generation Migrant Workers in China

Ho, Thi Thanh Nga (NCKU): Space, Landscape and Cultural Identity of Vietnamese Immigrants in Taiwan – Case Study in Tainan

Panel 3: Taiwan Studies

Igor Rogelja (SOAS, ERCCT): Production of Space in China and Taiwan: towards a convergence of urban space in Greater China

Chiang Ling-ching 江淩青 (University of Leicester): Back to the village and gaze at the city: representational modes of the city in the 2000s Taiwan Cinema

Stephanie Wang 王振瑜 (Beida): The importance of influences of family memory in shaping Taiwan people's identity

Lin Chun-Wei Daniel 林俊偉 (Loughborough University): A Democratic Experiment with Public Service Broadcasting: Lessons from the Taiwanese Experience

Panel 4: Environmental Issues

Simona Grano (Zürich University): Environmental Governance in Taiwan: Multiple Levels of Interaction

Shih Yi-jen 施奕任 (NCCU): Global Warming and the Politics of Climate Change in Taiwan

Panel 5: China Issues

Edward Griffith (University of Leeds): Deconstructing China’s Response to the Yasukuni Shrine Issue: Towards an IR-grounded Theory of Sino-Japanese Relations

JiÅ™í Mertl (University of West Bohemia): Is the Chinese Regime on the Road to Transformation? View from  the Perspective of Utilitarian Model of Governance and Governmentality

Chang Yong Tarco 張喁 (NCCU): The Contouring the Migrating IT Industry - The Challenges and Strategies of Taiwanese Businessmen in China

Other participants who added to the lively disscussions about the projects were Lara Momesso (SOAS, ERCCT), Liu Tai-Ting (National Chung Hsing University, Taichung) and Liao Bin-Jou (NTU, Dept. of Political Sciences), both currently staying at the ERCCT as Visiting Fellows, and Prof. Gunter Schubert (ERCCT Director), Stefan Fleischauer (ERCCT) who organized the workshop, and Stefan Braig (ERCCT).

After the workshop part in Blaubeuren, the event went on with a guided city tour in Tübingen, a trip on the punting boat, an excursion to the nearby castle of Hohenzollern and an slightly adventurous final conference dinner in the restaurant in the castle of Hohenentringen, where the group experienced a weather-induced lock-in until almost after 11 p.m. In the end, however, everybody got home safe.