Speech of Prof. Zhao Shu-Kai

Posted on Nov, 07 2012

Prof. Zhao Shukai from the Development Research Center of the State Council (Beijing), who is presently residing in Tübingen on invitation of the Chair of Greater China Studies, held a colloquim on 6th November at the Institute of Chinese Studies. In the course of this colloquim, which was held in Chinese, Prof. Zhao mainly focused on the development of rural government agencies in China in the post-Mao period up to the present.  This fascinating narrative was brought to life by Prof. Chen’s own experience and involvement in the process: Prof Zhao Shukai participated in several major decision-making bodies of the central government since the early 1980s, when the issue of rural governance first gained in prominence.

The workshop also provided the opportunity for Q&A and intensive discussions, which mainly evolved around problems of data collection and the meaning of “propaganda” in the political process in China.

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20121106 Prof. Zhao Shu-Kai