ERCCT provides various e-services to suit nowadays' different needs. You can chose the e-service that most suite your wants or your equipment.

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RSS Newsfeed
Afraid of losing any in-time information from our website? You can add our RSS link to your favorite browser or reader. There is also a quick link on our horizontal navigation bar (see above right).

Social Network
You can use your favorite social network to link up with ERCCT. You can now follow our social network account by Facebook(CCKF.ERCCT), Google+(CCKF.ERCCT), Twitter(CCKF_ERCCT) to get the news. Once we have new announcement, the social netwotk will pull it directly by posting it on our account. Or, in the lower part of every article, you can find the link icons of the social networks to post it in your place manually. We welcome the visitor to link our news to your friends.

On the horizontal navigation bar there is the ERCCT Schedule link. You can directly see the details of lectures and activities open to the public. If you use Google Calendar, it could be a good idea to add our schedule to your account. We offer different calendars for different user groups. ERCCT Open Calendar includes the lectures and activities that are open to the public. Fellows or students are adviced to add the ERCCT Fellow Calendar that contains all the details about limited accessing seminars and courses. ERCCT Staff Calendar is also available for teamworks and HiWis. To add in the ERCCT Fellow and Staff Calendars, please contact our staffs.

Events and Activities
If you are not familiar with these setting, just click Events on the left side menu to get to the newest 10 events and activities that are either being currently announced, or have just taken place.