2013 Taiwan Studies Summer School sessions in SOAS

Posted on May, 14 2013

SOAS of University of London (School of Oriental and African Studies) just provide the information about their Taiwan Studies Summer School sessions in 2013. Anyone who is interested in those subjects are welcome to get more details from contacting to Monique Chu.

Environmental Politics, Taiwanese in China, Judicial Politics, Marriage Migration, Fieldwork, Publishing in Taiwan Studies
Key Lecturers:
Charles Chen (SOAS)
Isabelle Cheng (Portsmouth),
Monique Chu (SOAS)
Dafydd Fell (SOAS)
Simona Grano (Zurich University)
Hu Yi-ju (Judge: Taichung District Court)
Lara Momesso (SOAS)
Lin Ping (Chungcheng University)

Key Topics:

  1. Memories of a Future Homes: Teenagers from Taiwanese Schools in China (Lin Ping)
  2. " Fieldwork: Long-term Relationship with People in the Field (Lin Ping)
  3. Nuclear energy in Taiwan and the Fourth Nuclear Power Station issue" (Simona Grano)
  4. "Environmental governance in Taiwan" (Simona Grano)
  5. Judicial independence and party politics in Taiwan (Hu Yi-ju)
  6. Taiwan’s Green Party (Dafydd Fell)
  7. Nuclear Referendum Issue (Charles Chen, Dafydd Fell, Simona Grano)
  8. Roundtable on Publishing in Taiwan Studies (Dafydd Fell)
  9. Issues in Researching marriage migration in Taiwan (Isabelle Cheng and Lara Momesso)

Research Training Seminar in Taiwan Studies:

This course is designed for students planning or currently conducting research projects in the field of Taiwan Studies. Students should prepare a short (20 minute maximum) presentation of their research project and will receive feedback from the seminar organizers.
Students wishing to give presentations should email Monique Chu and include an abstract on their proposed research

To register, contact Monique Chu.