Public Lecture by Prof. Hwang Jau-Yuan

Posted on Jul, 04 2013

On Thursday, July 4th, Prof. Hwang Jau-Yuan, Profesor and Associate Dean at the College of Law at National Taiwan University, gave a lecture to ERCCT Fellows and the interested public at the department of Chinese and Korean Studies in Tübingen. In his talk, which was entitled "Transitional Justice and Constitutional Change in Taiwan", Prof. Hwang put the former authoritarian regime's injustice, namely the 228 massacre of 1947 and the KMT's white terror, into a historical and legal perspective, systematically took stock of the few achievements and many deficiencies of transitional justice since democratization, thoroughly analysed the political and social reasons for the lack of progress in that regard, while contrasting transitional justice in Taiwan with the cases of other "third wave" democracies, among them Spain, Eastern Germany and South Africa. His lecture was followed by a lively discussion centring mainly on the societal reasons behind the lack of transitional justice today.

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20130704 Hwang Jau-Yuan