Young Scholars Workshop 2013

Posted on Jul, 02 2013

From June 25-30, the ERCCT held Second Young Scholars Workshop at venues both in Tübingen and the charming city of Freudenstadt, located in the Black Forest. Despite the unusually chilly weather, participants from Germany, Taiwan, England, the UK, Singapore, Malaysia and the USA shared an amazing experience, both making new friends and enjoying highly interesting and inspiring academic contributions.

In the course of the three-day workshop in Freudenstadt, the following topics were presented and discussed:

Ø  Isabelle Cheng (School of Languages and Area Studies, University of Portsmouth: “Immigration and Nation: How Immigration Laws Redraw the Border and Boundary of the Nation State of Taiwan”

Ø  Sia Ek-hong (ERCCT): “China Factors and the Evolution of Taiwanese Nationalism”

Ø  Chin, Kok Fay (National Cheng Kung University, Tainan): „ The Political Economy of Financial Liberalization in Taiwan”

Ø  Flora Hsu (Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education, Taiwan): “Analyzing Choices of University Autonomy in Asia - A Case Study of Faculties’ Pay in Taiwan”

Ø  Yu Xiao Chelsea (Department of Political Science, National University of Singapore): “Pollution as Smokescreen: Pollution-induced Contention in Liushuwan Village of Zhejiang Province”

Ø  Sırma Altun (METU, Ankara, Department of Political Science and Public Administration): “Neoliberal Transformation in China in the 1980s and the 1990s”

Ø  Chou Mu-Yi (Department of Social Sciences, Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany): “The CCP’s Reform Strategy on the Innovative Management of Social Organizations: A Case Study on Beijing”

Ø  Lee Seung-eun (Department of Sociology and Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore): “China’s International Broadcasting in the Neighborhood as its Soft Power Seeking: Who know it, who consume it and how they perceive”

Ø  Huang Yichih (Graduate Institute of East Asia Studies, NCCU): “National Policies, Industrial Structure, and Performance: a Comparison of the Broadcasting Industry in Taiwan and South Korea, 1980~2012”

Ø  Mark Weatherall (Institute of Political Science, National Taiwan University): “Political Competition and the Institutionalization of the Party System Following Democratization: Comparing South Korea and Taiwan”

Ø  Chiao Yuan-ming (University of Kassel, Faculty of Social Sciences) “Discourse Framing and the Formation of Trade Policy vis-à-vis Antagonizing States: Comparing the Role of Parties and Corporate Actors in Germany, South Korea and Taiwan”

Ø  Chang I-Wen (University of California at Los Angeles, Department of World Arts and Cultures/ Dance): “Flirting With Global Citizenship: Constructing Identity Through Salsa Practice in Taiwan”

We are particularly grateful to our visiting scholars residing in Tübingen at the time, who kindly agreed to visit the workshop and taking part in a Round Table Discussion on June 28.

In addition to the academic panels, the participants could also enjoy a visiting program, including guided city tours through Freudenstadt and Tübignen, the Brewery Museum in the nearby monastery town of Alpirsbach, the Castle of Hohenzollern, and a relaxing ride on the Neckar on punting boats along the historical old town front, one of Tübingen’s trademark attractions.

The articles from the workshop will be available in our ERCCT Online Paper Series (EOPS) towards the end of October.

If you (or your students) wish to participate in the next workshop, please check our website regularly for the official announcement. 

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20130625-30 Young Scholar Workshop