Taiwan Colloquium: Fan Hsiu-Yu 范秀羽

Posted on Jan, 31 2014

Our Visiting Fellow, Ms Fan Hsiu-Yu 范秀羽 from University of California, Berkeley (School of Law) presented her research in our Taiwan Colloquium yesterday (Jan. 30). In her talk, entitled “Migrant Trophy Wives in a Strategic Courtroom”, Ms. Fan described the different images of Foreign Migrant Spouses (FMS) that have been created in Taiwan over the course of the last few decades, and how those stereotypes have been subjected to different changes. Further, Ms. Fan approached the question of how those images have been used as litigation strategies employed by female migrant spouses and their adversaries in Taiwanese courtrooms.

The talk, which represents one part of Fan Hsiu-Yu’s three-pillar research project “Three dimensions of Forming Immigration Law and Policy”, was  followed by a fruitful and interested debate by the audience.

Ms. Fan will leave Tübingen today. We hope she enjoyed her time here, and hope she will come to Tübingen again soon.