Taiwan Colloquium: Hsu Che-Wei 許哲瑋

Posted on Feb, 05 2014

On February 4, our Visiting Fellow Mr. Hsu Che-Wei 許哲瑋 from the Department of Law (NTU) gave a talk on the topic “Transitional Justice and Its Impact on Democracy and Rule of Law in Taiwan”. In his talk, Mr. Hsu gave a comprehensive outline on the issues related to transitional justice in general, such as the means and purpose of transitional justice, as well as comparison to other post-authoritarian regimes. A further part of the talk was devoted to the constitutional development of Taiwan as well as certain legal and political particularities, which have so far prevented a satisfactory approach towards transitional justice on Taiwan.

The talk was followed by an intensive and lively discussion.

Mr. Hsu will still be with us until Feb. 12.