Public Talk Dr. Ann Heylen

Posted on Feb, 07 2014

Our Associate Fellow Dr. Ann Heylen from the  Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature (NTTU), who is visiting the ERCCT at the moment, gave a public talk yesterday, entitled:

Contextualizing a seventeenth century Dutch manuscript for academic publishing: Kerkboek van Formosa (1643-1649)

In this fascinating talk, Dr. Heylen provided some intriguing insights into the life of the early Dutch settlers on Taiwan. Through her chosen manuscript, the minutes of the Church meetings dating from the mid-17th century, Dr. Heylen particularly wishes to fathom the extent to which social upward mobility was possible. By describing individual cases, Dr. Heylen came to the conclusion that the opportunities for social mobility were in fact very limited to lateral social mobility.

The presentation as followed by a lively and engaged discussion.

Dr. Heylen will leave Tübingen this week-end. We hope she enjoyed her stay here, and trust that we will be able to welcome her again in the near future.

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20140206 Ann Heylen