Spotlight Taiwan 2014 in Tübingen

Posted on Jul, 02 2014

One of the highlights of this summer at the ERCCT as well as in the city of Tübingen certainly is going to be the Spotlight Taiwan 2014 programme, a series of cultural and academic activities introducing Taiwan's culture to the public in Tübingen. The Spotlight Taiwan week will start next Monday, July 7th, with a public opening ceremony and continues until Thursday, July 15th, featuring Taiwanese cinema, a concert by a Taiwanese band, a foto exhibition, Taiwanese documentary films, dance performances, Taiwanese authors reading from their books, Taiwanese food, lectures on Taiwanese culture etc.

We have set up a special Spotlight Taiwan website where you will find all relevant information in detail (in german language, for an overview in english please refer to the Spotlight section of this website).

The event is made possible within the Spotlight Taiwan framework of Taiwan's Ministry of Culture.