2014.7.12. Spotlight Taiwan - Day 6: Documentaries and Guest Star Umin Boya

Posted on Jul, 28 2014

Our Saturday Programme was dedicated to cinema. It featured the 9th annual Taiwan Documentary Film Festival in the morning, as well as the Europe premiere of Umin Boya's 2014 feature film KANO. The director presented the film himself and discussed it with the audience, posed for photos and charmingly signed autographs.  

Here are some photos from this unforgettable Saturday, the 6th day of our Spotlight Taiwan programme. Please click on the picture to see more.

Guest director Umin Boya accompanied by his assistant Christa Chen 陳嘉妤, holding up a signed poster of KANO togehter with ERCCT Director Gunter Schubert.

20140712 Spotlight Taiwan Dialogue with Umin BoyaOr watch it on Youtube!