Tübingen Public transport

Tübingen Public transport is called "Stadtverkehr Tübingen".

And, it is coverd by another system. The company name is naldo.

In another hand, they also co-operate with the German Railway. Usually people in Germany call it "DB".

So, it depends on the ticket you get which system you can use. In most of the situation, when you get a valid ticket, you can use all the transportations including railway.

Semester Ticket: Naldo Service Range is the range of semester ticket. You should check the discriptions about the limits. For example, in light-green range except the appointed lines, you will be asked to buy an extra ticket.

Month Ticket or One-Way-Ticket: They will be saled by divided circle. From the PDF above, you can see all the range is divided to some smaller areas. For example, to use only in Tübingen City, You only need circle 111. If you go to Reutlingen frequently, you can buy a 2-circle-ticket included circle 111 and 220.

Main lines of all range in detail. There are some special lines that conect cities and towns. With valid tickets, you won't need to pay extra. The green area indecated that the bus system is co-operated with Naldo.

Holiday Trip arround Tübingen. You can check some Sight-Seeing out!

Local night bus

Main stations of co-operated Cities with Naldo

Bus lines of co-operated Cities with Naldo

Naldo ticket price list

Buying ticket:

  1. Long-term or special ticket. For example, semester ticket (with student-ID Card and certifications from university) or month ticket, you can buy it in the information stand besides Neckar river.
  2. One-Way-Ticket. Buy it in the bus. The automaschine only accept coins and chip-card. No paper money! You can use your chip-card from bank or buy chip-card (Naldo Geldkarte) in the information stand. And remember, store up money from your bank account to chip first! Use chip-card can also have a discount for 30ct each time. It's easier to carry chip-card then amount of coins.
  3. You can buy One-Day-Ticket, Weekend-Ticket,and Baden-Württemberg-Ticket in bus. You don't need to buy a One-Way-Ticket for bus, arriving to the railway station and then buy another ticket. Again, remember to use chip-card. You won't want to carry so many coins to buy tickets, right?
  4. On the bus of SVT, except the asking from drivers or checkers, you don't need to show your ticket. But when you get on the bus of DB (white cabin, some of lines 18, 19) or in other cities, please always remember to get on bus from the front door and show your ticket and needed IDs.

You can also try our local long-trip bus Kocher Lutz to other cities, even to Swiss or France.