Prof. Hsu Tzong-Li 許宗力

Posted on May, 31 2015

Hsu Tzong-Li 許宗力

Name: Prof. Dr. Hsu Tzong-Li 許宗力

Home institution: College of law, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Duration of Stay: June 29 – July 26, 2015


Professor Hsu Tzong-Li received his doctoral degree from the University of Göttingen, Germany in 1986. He has been teaching Constitutional Law and Administrative Law since 1987 at the college of law, National Taiwan University. He served as a commissioner at the Fair Trade Commission (1995-1998), which is in charge of competition law in Taiwan. In 2002 he was elected as dean of the college. He also served as chairman of the Taiwan Law Society (2001-03). In 2003 he was appointed by the President, upon approval of the Legislative Yuan, as Justice of the Constitutional Court. He is currently full time professor of the college of law, National Taiwan University.