Visit by MOI Counselor

Posted on Nov, 05 2008

On Tuesday, Oct. 28, we were honoured to receive Prof. of Law Tsay Jenn-Rong, Counselor of the Republic of China's Ministry of the Interior, and his wife as guests at the ERCCT. Prof. Tsay, who once took his Ph.D. degree from University of Tuebingen's Law Faculty, was also accompanied by Prof. iur. Emer. Günter Püttner, who had been his Ph.D. supervisor.

During the 60 min. visit, Counselor Tsay was given an overview over the ERCCT's idea and concept. He expressed much sympathy for the boost of european Taiwan studies, the ERCCT will help to bring about. 

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20081028 Prof. Tsai, Chen-Jung