Welcoming Lee Yi-Ching

Posted on Oct, 31 2016

The ERCCT welcomes Ms. Lee Yi-Ching 李宜卿 from the Department of Political Science at National Taiwan University! Ms. Lee has won a research grant of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) sandwich model programme and chose the ERCCT to carry out her research on regenerative energies policy in comparison between Germany and Taiwan. She will...

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ERCCT Fellow Luo Kai-ling won TPSA Annual Award

Posted on Oct, 24 2016

We congratulate our research fellow, Dr. Luo Kai-ling 羅凱凌, who has just....

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Book Launch Invitation (Friday, 17 June 2016, 2.15 PM)

Posted on Jun, 08 2016

The CCFK-ERRCT in collaboration with the team of Grater China Studies happily invites you to a book launch next Friday, 17 June 21016, 2.15 PM, discussing two recent publications by Prof. Lin Gang and Prof. Zuo Yana (Shanghai Jiaotong University). The event will take place at HS 04, Neue Aula building.

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Thanks and farewell to Chen Li-Yi

Posted on May, 19 2016

The ERCCT bids farewell to Chen Li-Yi our long-standing resident fellow and support team member, who has returned to Taiwan recently in order to write up his thesis and join his family. We feel highly grateful to him for eight years of indefatigable service and efficient work on our website and maintenance of...

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Sascha Zhivkov New Resident Fellow

Posted on May, 11 2016

As our latest resident fellow, Sascha Zhivkov joined the ERCCT in March 2016, to pursue a Ph.D. with a research project on Taiwan in East Asia's political economy. He is also part of the ERCCT staff and is a junior lecturer at the Department of Chinese and Korean Studies.

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2015.11.27. Taiwan Colloqium: Dr. Lee Yi-Li 李怡俐

Posted on Nov, 27 2015

Dr. Lee Yi-Li 李怡俐

“Reexamining Transitional Justice in Taiwan: A Lost Opportunity?” In this paper, we would like to examine what measures Taiwan has undertaken to address transitional justice after her successful democratic reforms and explain why those measures have been ineffective and how such weak efficacy of confronting transitional justice may have posed challenges for...

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Arrival of Visiting Fellow Keng Kim-Yung

Posted on Nov, 20 2014

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our Visiting Fellow, Mr. Keng, Kim-yung 何景榮, from the Graduate Institute of Development Studies, National Chengchi University. Mr. Keng, who is conducting research on immigrant children in Taiwan, will stay at the ERCCT from November 24-December 20.

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Taiwan Colloquium by Chou Mu-Yi 周睦怡

Posted on Nov, 12 2014

On Thursday, Nov. 13, our Visiting Fellow Ms. Chou Mu-Yi will give a presentation at the Taiwan Colloquium. The talk is entitled: 
Democratization or Authoritarian Survival after Economic Open-up? Comparison of the Variation of State-Society Relations between Taiwan and China from the Perspective of NGO Development