Visiting Scholars

The ERCCT hosts Taiwanese and European Visiting Scholars who come to Tuebingen during each academic term. They hold lectures or give lecture courses. Most importantly, they take part in the Taiwan Colloquium where they play an active role by presenting their research in terms of both content and methodology. They also discuss and evaluate the ERCCT Research Fellows' projects, thereby helping them to prepare their fieldwork or assessing data brought back from the field.

Visiting Scholars Articles Archive

Lee Chia-wen (NCKU) Held Public Lecture

Posted on Nov, 10 2017

Lee Chia-wen

Our Visiting Scholar Professor Lee Chia-Wen 李佳玟 from the Department of Law at National Cheng Kung University (Tainan) held a public talk on November 9, 2017. Under the title "Taiwan’s Death Penalty in Local-Global Dynamics" Prof. Lee traced the development of political factors influencing the practice of the death penalty in Taiwan from the authoritarian era to the Ma Ying-jeou-Presidency, drawing a large audience and inciting a very spirited debate afterwards. 

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Prof. Lee Chia-Wen Will Hold Public Lecture on Nov. 9

Posted on Oct, 30 2017

Prof. Lee Chia-wen 李佳玟 from the Department of Law, College of Social Sciences at National Cheng-Kung University, Tainan, who is currently staying in Tübingen as an ERCCT Visiting Scholar, will give a public talk on 

Taiwan’s Death Penalty in Local-Global Dynamics

on Thursday, November 9, 2017, 6:15...

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Lin Rui-hua Held Public Talk on Intergroup Contacts of Taiwanese on the Mainland

Posted on Oct, 30 2017

Prof. Lin Rui-hua 林瑞華 from the School of Public Economics and Administration at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics gave a fascinating lecture at the ERCCT on Monday, October 30, 2017. Her talk was entitled "Reunion with the Old Folks: The Intergroup Contact between Taiwanese and Chinese in Mainland China" and presented the results of a quantitative research project on causal factors on attitudes of Taiwanese in China towards people there. 

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Public Talk by Prof. Lin Rui-hua on Monday, Oct. 30

Posted on Oct, 24 2017

Prof. Lin Rui-hua 林瑞華 from the School of Public Economics and Administration at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics will visit the ERCCT from Oct. 28 to Nov. 1. On Monday, Oct. 30, Prof. Lin will give a public lecture to speak on

Reunion with the Old Folks: The...

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Welcoming Prof. Lee Chia-Wen

Posted on Oct, 24 2017

Last night, Prof. Lee Chia-Wen 李佳玟 from the Department of Law at Tübingen University's Taiwanese partner university, National Cheng Kung University in Tainan arrived in Tübingen, in order to stay at the ERCCT for one month as visiting scholar. The ERCCT team warmly welcomes Prof. Lee and...

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Visiting Scholar Prof. Chen Lu-Huei Gave Public Lecture at the ERCCT

Posted on Jul, 18 2017

Chen Lu-Huei

Visiting Scholar, Prof. Chen Lu-huei 陳陸輝, gave a public talk at the ERCCT on Tuesday, July 18, 2017. The lecture was entitled "Emotions and Electoral Politics in Taiwan" and analysed the infuence of voters' emotions toward candidates of the last taiwanese presidential elections on voting behaviour.

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Welcome to join Chen Lu-Huei talk on 18 July

Posted on Jul, 13 2017

Next Tuesday, on 18 July, 2017, Prof. Dr. Chen Lu-huei will hold a talk on Emotions and Electoral Politics in Taiwan.

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Warm Welcome to Visiting Scholar Chen Lu-Huei

Posted on Jul, 10 2017

The ERCCT team warmly welcomes Prof. Chen Lu-Huei 陳陸輝 from the Department of Political Science at National Chengchi University to Tübingen. Prof. Chen joins us under the ERCCT Visiting Scholar Programme and will stay until July 29, 2017. We wish him a pleasant and productive stay at our center!