Young Scholars Workshop

The ERCCT organises a yearly Young Scholars Workshop, so Ph.D. students (3rd year and above) and postdocs of the social sciences working on academic projects related to Taiwan or China are invited to submit their application.

The workshop will provide young scholars with the opportunity to:

Ten to twelve young scholars (five-six each from Europe and Taiwan) will be invited to attend.
Travel expenses and accommodation will be fully covered by the ERCCT.

Young Scholars Workshop 2018 Announcement

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YSW 2015

YSW 2013

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Young Scholars Workshop Articles Archive

2015.06.21. - 27. Young Scholars Workshop

Posted on Jun, 21 2015

Young Scholars Workshop 2013

Posted on Jul, 02 2013

20130625-30 Young Scholar Workshop

From June 25-30, the ERCCT held Second Young Scholars Workshop at venues both in Tübingen and the charming city of Freudenstadt, located in the Black Forest. Despite the unusually chilly weather, participants from Germany, Taiwan, England, the UK, Singapore, Malaysia and the USA shared an amazing experience, both making new friends and enjoying highly interesting and inspiring academic contributions.

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2013.06.25.-28. Young Scholars Workshop 2013 (YSW 2013)

Posted on Jun, 25 2013

Young Scholars Workshop 2013

Waldhotel Zollernblick
Am Zollernblick 1
72250 Freudenstadt
Ph.: +49 7441 950990

June 25th-28th

【2013】Young Scholars Workshop 2013 - Call for Applications

Posted on Nov, 06 2012

The ERCCT is now accepting applications for the Young Scholars Workshop 2013 at Tübingen University. Please follow this Link for the official announcement.

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【2012】ERCCT held Young Scholars Workshop in Blaubeuren and Tübingen

Posted on Jul, 04 2012

From June 26th to July 1st, 2012, the ERCCT organized and hosted its first Young Scholars Workshop. Upon application, thirteen Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers in the fields of both Taiwan studies and China studies, from Europe as well as Taiwan, were invited and fully funded to take part.

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【2012】2012.06.26.-07.01. ERCCT Young Scholars Workshop 2012

Posted on Jun, 26 2012

Panel 1: Cross-Strait Issues

Panel 2: Environmental Issues

Panel 3: Taiwan Issues

Panel 4: Migration

Panel 5: China Issues

Heinrich-Fabri-Institut in Blaubeuren; Tübingen

【2012】Young Scholars Workshop - Participants and Topics

Posted on May, 23 2012

We are delighted to announce the participants for this year's Young Scholars Workshop.

Articles on the different topics will be published in our ERCCT Online Paper Series after the workshop - follow the link "publications" on our website.

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【2012】 Young Scholars Workshop will be held from June 24 to July 1

Posted on Mar, 23 2012

From June 24 to July 1, ERCCT will hold the 2012 Young Scholars Workshop in Tuebingen. Please stay tuned by this section on our website!

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