ERCCT Welcomes Elisa Tamburo as New Research Fellow

Posted on Oct, 27 2014

We warmly welcome Elisa Tamburo from Italy as our new research fellow! Ms. Tamburo is affiliated to the School of Oriental and African Studies in London and has won the ERCCT Fellowship 2014. She is going to stay here until early 2015 before heading to Taiwan for fieldwork. The whole team...

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ERCCT Fellow Igor Rogelja Passed Viva

Posted on Oct, 10 2014

The ERCCT Team is delighted to pass our congratulations to our Permanent Fellow Igor Rogelja from the School of Oriental and African Studies, who has passed his viva voce London on Wednesday, October 10th, by successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis on spatial production of urban creative spaces in Taiwanese and Chinese cities.

Visiting Fellows for Winter Semester 2014/2015 Selected

Posted on Aug, 12 2014

The selection of applicants for the visiting fellow programme in the winter semester 2014/2015 has been finalized and the ERCCT congratulates.

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Tawan Colloquium, July 3: Chang I-wen and Francis Yin

Posted on Jul, 03 2014

Our two Visiting Fellows, Mrs. Chang I-wen and Mr. Francis Yin, will hold a Taiwan Colloquium on Thursday, July 3. The topics of the talks are as below.

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Visiting Fellow Chang I-Wen Taught Workshop in Dance of the Dai

Posted on Jun, 30 2014

20140628 Chang I-Wen

On June 28th, Ms. Chang I-Wen of the Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance, University of California at Los Angeles, currently staying at the ERCCT as visting fellow held a workshop on the dance of the Dai ethnic minority.

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Workshop on Dance of the Dai Ethnic Minority

Posted on Jun, 20 2014

The ERCCT in cooperation with the Chair of Greater China Studies organizes a workshop on the Dance of the Dai Ethnic minority to be held by Ms. Chang I-Wen of the Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance, University of California at Los Angeles on Saturday, June 28th, 6 to 8 p.m..

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Welcome to Our Visiting Fellows: I-Wen Chang and Francis Yin

Posted on Jun, 17 2014

Both I-Wen Chang and Francis Yin, short time fellows with the ERCCT this summer under our Visiting Fellow Programme have arrived from East and West on Monday, June 16th.

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Björn Lindemann's Ph.D thesis published

Posted on May, 06 2014

Björn Alexander Lindemann, ERCCT Permanent Fellow from 2008 to 212, and grantee of the ERCCT Fellowship, has just published his Ph.D. thesis.

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