Taiwan Documentary Film Festival

The annual Taiwan Documentary Film Festival is jointly administered by the ERCCT and the Asia-Orient-Institute, Department of Chinese and Korean Studies, at Tuebingen University. It is supported by Taiwan's Ministry of Education. The first festival took place in May 2006.

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Taiwan Documentary Film Festival Articles Archive

Taiwan Documentary Film Festival Again Successfully Held

Posted on Jul, 19 2012

On July 13th/14th, the ERCCT held its 7th Taiwan Documentary Film Festival. Special guest of this years festival was the Taiwanese documetary film maker Chen Lih-Kuei.

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2012.07.13.-14. 7th Taiwan Documentary Filmfestival

Posted on Jul, 13 2012

7th Taiwan Documentary Filmfestival

July 13.-14. in Neuphilologicum, WilhelmStrasse 50, 72074 Tübingen

2012.07.13.-14. Taiwan Documentary Filmfestival

Posted on Jun, 26 2012

On Friday and Saturday, July 13th/14th 2012, the ERCCT will hold the 7th Taiwan Documentary Film Festival, featuring among others a number of works by director Chen Lih-Kuei 陳麗貴 who is this year's invited guest director.

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ERCCT Held its 6th Taiwan Documentary Film Festival

Posted on May, 25 2011

The ERCCT'S 6th Taiwan Documentary Film Festival took place on Friday and Saturday, May 20/21, again putting together an harmonious ensemble of intriguing documentaries and a fictional film.

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2011.05.20.-21. Taiwan Documentary Filmfestival

Posted on May, 20 2011

Invited Guest Director: Chung Chuan 鍾權



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6th Taiwan Documentary Film Festival to Take Place May 20th/21st

Posted on May, 06 2011

Featuring documentary film maker Chung Chuan as special guest, and focusing on the highly contested topic of Taiwanese national identity and its meaning for today's ordinary Taiwanese, the 6th Taiwan Documentary Film Festival is going to take place on May 20 to 21.

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Taiwan Documentary Film Festival 2010 successful

Posted on Jun, 27 2010

The fifth Taiwan Documentary Film Festival, held on June 25/26 2010, was again a great success. This year´s festival was mainly infuenced by the native inhabitants of Taiwan and featured Mr. Mayaw Biho. This Taiwanese filmmaker is very well-known for his documentaries about the Pang-cah and three of the documentaries screened during the event were produced by him.

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2010.06.25. - 26. Taiwan Documentary Filmfestival

Posted on Jun, 25 2010

Director: Mayaw Biho

June 25th, 2010. P.M. 2:00 - 7:30

June 26th, 2010. A.M. 10:00 - P.M. 4:00

WilhelmStrasse 50, 72074 Tübingen

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