Former ERCCT Fellows

Here is the hall of the former ERCCT fellows. After finishing the research period as the resident fellow in our center they have recieved their PhD. Please be aware that if you have tried to contact any fellow without any reply, feel free to use E-Mail or contact us for updated contact information.

Former ERCCT Fellows Articles Archive

Désirée Remmert

Posted on Sep, 29 2016

Désirée Remmert

Name: Dr. Désirée Remmert

Dr. Remmert was a Research Fellow at the ERCCT until August 2017.

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Dr. Tseng Yu-chin 曾育勤

Posted on Sep, 07 2015

Tseng Yu-chin 曾育勤

Name: Dr. Tseng Yu-chin 曾育勤


Tel: +49 (07071) 2973110  E-Mail

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Lara Momesso 江麗

Posted on Nov, 18 2013

Lara Momesso 江麗

Name: Lara Momesso 江麗

Contact:  E-Mail

Update:  she finished her study in ERCCT at 2013. She is now our associate feollow.

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Igor Rogelja 羅怡國

Posted on Oct, 10 2012

Igor Rogelja 羅怡國

Name: Igor Rogelja 羅怡國

Contact:  E-Mail

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Sheu Jyh-Shyang 許智翔

Posted on Jan, 22 2010

Sheu Jyh-Shyang 許智翔

Name: Sheu Jyh-Shyang 許智翔


Tel: +49 (07071) 2973112  E-Mail

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Wang Hung-Jen 王宏仁

Posted on Oct, 21 2009

Wang Hung-Jen 王宏仁

Name: Wang Hung-Jen 王宏仁

Contact:  E-Mail

Update:  He finished his Ph.D. thesis in 2012 and now an ERCCT associate fellow.

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Dr. Stefan Fleischauer 史振帆

Posted on Nov, 01 2008

Stefan Fleischauer 史振帆

Name: Dr. Stefan Fleischauer 史振帆

Contact: E-Mail

Tel: +49 (07071) 2972717; +49 (07071) 2973111
Update: He received the ERCCT Fellowship from 2009 to 2011 and currently serves as ERCCT Co-Managing Director.

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Björn Alexander Lindemann 林德曼

Posted on Nov, 01 2008

Björn Alexander Lindemann 林德曼

Name: Björn Alexander Lindemann 林德曼

Contact: E-Mail

Update: He finished his Ph.D. thesis in 2011.

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