Recent Publications

Below you find a selection of recent publications by researchers affiliated with the ERCCT.

Recent Publication: The Sunflower Movement. Origins, structures, and strategies of Taiwan's resistance against the 'Black Box'

Posted on Mar, 17 2017

Fell Edited Volume on Social Movements

The book "Taiwan's Social Movements under Ma Ying-jeou: From the Wild Strawberries to the Sunflowers" (Ed. by Dafydd Fell) offers readers an introduction to the development of recent social movements in Taiwan by examining a number of important movement case studies that focus on the post 2008 period.

It includes a contribution by ERCCT Research Fellow André Beckershoff on the Sunflower Movement.

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Recent Publication: Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Taiwan

Posted on Mar, 10 2017

Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Taiwan

The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Taiwan offers a comprehensive overview of both contemporary Taiwan and the Taiwan studies field. Each contribution summarises the major findings in the field and highlights long-term trends, recent observations and possible future developments in Taiwan. The volume, edited by ERCCT director Gunter Schubert, includes contributions by Gunter Schubert himself, by ERCCT Managing Director Stefan Braig, and by Stefan Fleischauer.

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Recent Publication: Taiwan and the 'China Impact'

Posted on Mar, 06 2017

Taiwan and the China Impact

There can be no doubt that China’s economic and political rise is having a stronger effect on Taiwan than on any other country, given the Chinese government’s claim to sovereignty over Taiwan, and Taiwan’s quest to maintain its democratic achievements and political identity as a sovereign state. Against this background, this volume deals with the ‘bigger picture’ of evolving relations across the Taiwan Strait, departing from the observation that China’s impact on Taiwan has become stronger over the last 20 years. This book analyses the ‘China impact’ on Taiwan in terms of its social, political and security space from both an empirical and conceptual point of view.

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